Keroro Gunso Suzikawa Relations Wiki

Welcome to the Keroro Gunso: Suzikawa Relations Wiki![]

This wiki is dedicated to documenting the Orikeroes and Orialiens that have connections to the Suzikawa Family created by the owner of this wiki. Since it's so huge, it was separated from the regular Orikero wiki.

What is the Suzikawa Family?[]

The Suzikawa Family is a huge line of Keronians (with Axolotlian genes) that own a private flower reserve known as the Flower Garden of the Floating Isles. This family has lasted since the very early days of Keronian development, but it only became affiliated with the Keronian government about seven generations before Aziruru Suzikawa was born. The Suzikawa Family is behind a lot of advancements in medicine using organic sources, and they've been called upon numerous times for help with diplomatic relations due to the practice of Docilism that every blood member follows. Thanks to their downright "flower hippie" behavior, they are also some of the aliens with the strongest control over Chi in the entire universe.

Suzikawa Symbol 1.png
The Suzikawa Family symbol.